Music Under the Radar kicks off the New Year with Indie rock from Virginia and India with Opposite the Satellite and the Koniac Net.


Opposite the Satellite - Music Under the RadarHailing from Midlothian, Virginia, and with a swirling, progressive hard rock sound, at times reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, this is how Opposite the Satellite describes itself and its philosophy:



“This is not just simply what we do. This is what courses through our veins and sees through our eyes. As we stand here opposite the satellites, we wonder, can anyone really even see at all? We are interested in music, in politics, and in people. Quite possibly to satisfy our own thirst for interaction, we are interested in relating to anyone who appreciates the simplistic and benevolent nature of life, anyone who feels, anyone who is confused, anyone who is trying, anyone who relates to more than just their own pinpoint in time, anyone who tries to see, and anyone who questions authority: Breaking the rules for the greater good is the highest level of moral reasoning.”

That statement about the “greater good” may raise eyebrows among some philosophers but the music itself stands on its own as well-played, engaging rock.

The band consists of brothers Joseph and Andrew Bloomquest on vocals, guitar and bass; Tod Burton, percussion; Mitchell Ball, bass; and Ian Druid, guitar, piano and synth. Their musical influences include Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Deftones, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and Bjork.

The tune Synopsis is from their 2010 EP release, Blind Spot.

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the Koniac Net - Music Under the RadarThere’s been quite a few bands coming out of India lately and some of them are pretty darn good. One of those bands is the Koniac Net, from Mumbai.

David Abraham is the founder, lead vocalist and guitarist for the group. He’s joined by Jason D’Souza (backing vocals, guitar), Adil Kurwa (backing vocals, bass), Aaron Dmello (guitarist & backing vocals), and Karun Kannampilly (drums).

Their first EP, Abiogenesis, was released in February of last year and the band is currently working on three new songs which will be released to their fans & supporters sometime this year.

I asked David to explain the meaning behind the band’s name:

“I had this name for one of my mix CDs I made (when CDs were still used). It represents that point in your life (that can happen at any given moment) where you are presented with 2 paths, and even though “Path A,” at the time, looks better than the other, for reasons unknown, you are FORCED to take the less appealing “Path B”.

Later in life you realise that “Path B” has turned out to be the FAR more fruitful & lucrative trail, while the more appealing choice was in fact a metaphorical net (similar to that of an Angler Fish’s protruding fleshy light). It’s a name that’s been with me for over a decade. It also precipitated during a time in my life where I realised how comforting scotch, whiskey, cognac & Southern Comfort were at trying times.

Hence “the koniac net” – a paradoxical/oxymoronic, optimistic and cynical representation of how life’s surprises/plans for you have reason and purpose, and are justified at random points of time in our lives, even though we might not be aware of it.”

The song that probably most exemplifies this “fork-in-road” dilemma is Bricks, from their debut album One Last Monsoon.

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